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Female 12 week fat loss program
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Female 12 Weeks Fat Loss Program, we’ve created this program specifically to burn fat and lose weight.

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Bodyweight Workouts 12 Weeks Female Fat Loss Program

This program is for beginners, intermediates and advanced! So it doesn't matter how fit or lean you are at the moment, this program fits all levels of training. The fat loss programs are not only focusing on running but we try to keep your tough fat loss journey as fun as possible to vary between a lot of different exercises. Because the exercises are based on time instead of repetitions it will increase your heart rate. This will lead to burning calories and ultimately to losing fat. We advise to work out 4 times a week.

Would you rather burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Then consider to look at one of the other workout schedules we offer here

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Anna -

Niet ontvangen!

Anoniem -

beter dan verwacht voor een gratis trainingsschema

L -

Top!! Ook het voedingsplan geprobeerd

Karen S -

Goed schema met veel afwisseling!

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