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vrouwen trainingsschema voor thuis
Female beginner 12 week workout plan at home
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Bodyweight Workouts 12 Weeks Beginner training schedule for home. Specially made for women who want to start training.

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Bodyweight Workouts 12 Weeks Beginner Home Workout Plan

Are you tired of the gym and not feeling comfortable there? You can now start exercising with only your own bodyweight! No equipment needed, no spectators, it's just you and your livingroom or backyard.

Start getting in shape in 12 weeks today with this workout plan. You can start with this workout whenever you want, no basic condition needed.

What can you expect to be able to do after 12 weeks?

  • 15+ burpees
  • 10+ push ups
  • 25+ crunches

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Dani -

happy to be able to workout at home now, don’t feel comfortable in the gym at all..

Bertine -

Geweldig en nog gratis ook!

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