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Beginner workout plan met pull ups
Male beginner 12 week workout plan with pull ups
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Bodyweight Workouts beginner 12 week workout plan with pull ups. Ready for the ultimate challenge? The toughest training plan from the male home workout series!

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Bodyweight Workouts 12 Weeks Beginner Workout Plan with pull ups

Bodyweight Workouts Outdoor 12 weeks beginner workout plan. Specifically made for men who want to start working out outside (including pull ups). All you need is a pull up bar and a dip station. No gym subscription needed! Find a pull up bar and start training with only your own bodyweight. Just like in the gym, you can build muscle and stamina quickly. Become a master of your own body and be able to do incredible exercises fairly quick!

What do you need to be able to do? 
Basically nothing!

What can you expect to be able to achieve after 12 weeks?

  • 30 push ups
  • 10 pull ups
  • 25 dips

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Peter G -

Awesome way of working out and building strength!!!

Jason -

Downloaded the home training plan as well. This one looks tougher

Maarten -

Goed schema om mee te starten

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