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Mini Bands are in a smaller and thinner version of our Powerbands. Because of their size, shape and resistance the Mini Bands are ideal for warm-up, muscle activation, injury prevention etc.

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The Gymstick mini resistance band is the shorter version of the thera band / dynaband. These versatile resistance bands can be used for different fitness goals. Think for example of explosiveness training, strength training, increasing your dexterity, stability exercises, stretching and stretching exercises and rehabilitation. The length of these short bands is perfect for leg exercises but also for shoulder stabilization and training of your hips and glutes. And you can use them to support other fitness exercises or make it more difficult. Think, for example, of exercises in which you pull yourself up or push yourself, but also exercises in which stability plays a role. The use of mini resistance bands in stability exercises is very popular with core training.

Excellent for Bodyweight Training! For example your squats, lunges and many more exercises. Here are some videos tfor your inspiration!

If you want to keep your muscles moving while traveling or during holidays, then a Gymstick mini resistance belt is also a good choice. They are small, light and versatile. Easy to carry, and suitable for a large amount of exercises.

The Gymstick mini resistance bands are 25 cm long and 5 cm wide. They are available in three different resistances: "light", "medium" and "strong". The counterforce of these ties depends on the extent to which you stretch them. The minimum resistance below is measured at an elongation of 100%. The maximum resistance at a stretch of 300%. You can not stretch the resistance bands beyond 300%.
Light (orange) gives a resistance of 3.5 kg to 7 kg
Medium (green) gives a resistance of 4.5 kg to 9 kg
Strong (purple) gives a counter force of 5.5 kg to 11 kg

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Judith de Veerle -

Ik zag veel mensen op Instagram deze banden gebruiken, ben benieuwd geraakt naar het effect, daarom heb ik 2 banden aangeschaft. Het is leuk om te gebruiken bij bijvoorbeeld squat, lunges etc. Zorgt voor meer weerstand

Carlijn -

maakt de training leuker en zwaarder

Joke -

Erg handig, goede kwaliteit

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