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Powerband Resistance Bands with Trainingsvideos
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An effective way to promote muscle development and fat burning is by training with a fitness elastic, also called resistance band. You will also learn exercises faster like the pull up and muscle up!

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Powerband Resistance Band is a tool to increase or alleviate existing exercises. For example plyometric exercises and speed training, but also squats and bench presses. In addition, the Resistance Band is very suitable to make stretching exercises more intense and to increase your flexibility and agility. The resistance band gives counterforce during stretching or making a certain movement. This resistance band contains a QR code to view training videos.

For Bodyweight Training, the bands are often used to make it easier to learn for example pull ups and learning the muscle up or even for example the front lever. How do you train these exercises with the pull up bands or resistance band? We've explained this in a number of videos available on our YouTube channel here.

The Gymstick resistance band is a closed loop. He is much stronger than a normal resistance band. This is not only due to the loop, but also due to the way of manufacturing. All Gymstick resistance bands are made of multiple layers of latex, bound together with a firm epoxy. They can be safely stretched to 250% of their original length. The resistance bands have a loop of 104 cm (and thus a total length of 208 cm). They are 4.5 mm thick.

The resistance of these bands is caused by the width. They are available in 4 different levels:
Light (red): 13 mm wide, maximum tensile strength 15 kg
Medium (black): 22 mm wide, maximum tensile force 30 kg
Strong (purple): 33 mm wide, maximum tensile force 60 kg
Extra Strong (green): 44 mm wide, maximum tensile force 100 kg

Gymstick is a quality brand from Finland. The fitness equipment was developed by personal trainers and a lot of attention was paid to the quality, ease of use and effectiveness of the fitness equipment. Simple and effective!

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Leon T -

Super kwaliteit zeker voor de prijs

Boy -

Gister besteld, net ontvangen, super service :)

B -


Hans -

Gekocht voor mijn zoontje, die is er nu verslaafd aan geworden!

Kars -

Mijn muscle up komt eindelijk in beeld!!

Karin -

Zelfs als vrouw lukt het mij nu om pull ups te doen

Dylan van der Hengel -

Goeie hulp voor bij m'n pull ups! Heel erg bedankt!

Jacob -

banden van een ander merk waren in 2 weken kapot, deze zijn erg sterk

W -

Uitstekende kwaliteit

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